Patient Pre and Post Operative Information

This section explains what you should expect to occur during a routine procedure for your particular condition.

Patients having a general/spinal or epidural anaesthetic need to fast from solids for 6 hours and clear liquids for 4 hours.

In general, dialysis patients should dialyse the day prior to any procedure. Diabetic patients will need their insulin or medication adjusted according to the fasting requirements of the procedure.

Obviously everyone is different so some patients will recover faster than others. Some patients may be having the same operation but due to their anatomy or disease severity, they may need longer or more extensive surgery and hence different periods of convalescence.

Patients remain in hospital until they have had a suitable period of observation i.e. the risk period for complications has past, their wounds are closed and dry and they can be self- caring.

Some patients who undergo major surgery or who have severe pre-existent medical problems will need rehabilitation post operatively. Generally this is through either the McKellar Centre or Geelong Private Hospital.

Some endovascular procedures such as angiograms or stents will be performed in the Catheter Laboratory with anaesthetic support. This is done if the intervention requires general or spinal anaesthesia or if it is anticipated to be prolonged, painful or have period of cardiovascular instability. This procedure applies to Aortic Stent Grafting, Carotid Stenting and some complex arterial lower limb cases.

Simple Wound Care;

  • In most cases buried sutures are used and they will dissolve.
  • The dressings are left intact for between 2 and 4 days They should be changed earlier if they become soiled.
  • Wound infection is unlikely, however if the area becomes increasingly tender, hot, weeps offensive fluid or you develop a temperature, then please contact Dr. Holdaway to arrange to have the area assessed.

Patients will receive written instructions for each procedure or they can use this website.