Femoral Artery Bypass

Patient Information:

Femoral Artery Bypass Surgery of the Leg:

  • Length of stay in hospital = 4-8 days.
  • Bring all ultrasound scans with you to the hospital.
  • Do not eat or drink 6 hours prior to your surgery.
  • Do not cease Aspirin if currently taking.
  • Patients on the drug Plavix or Iscover need to inform Mr. Holdaway prior to surgery.

If you are taking Warfarin:

  • For atrial fibrillation (AF), Warfarin should be stopped 5 days prior to procedure.
  • Mechanical Heart Valves or post blood clots in legs or lungs – Warfarin needs to be weaned off under cover of short acting blood thinner called Clexane.

Patients on dialysis having surgery:

You should arrange dialysis 1 day prior to anaesthesia.

If any of the following occurs please contact Mr. Holdaway:

  • If the wound becomes hot, red, tender or discharges offensive fluid.
  • The leg becomes suddenly pale, numb, painful or cold.